And home again!

Last night we played Upwords again.  We were 1-1 on Friday evening and 1-1 again last night so we made it a ‘best of 5’ only for us to draw the 5th game on points.  We’ll have to continue another time!


This morning we woke up at about 8am.  After showers and breakfast it was time to pack the van up for the drive back to Colchester. The van’s garage is very disorganised at the moment, with stuff just chucked on a pile, so we’ll need to organise it a bit better. I’ll also be taking my bike with me, so I measured up the garage to work out where the bike will go.

Before we head off in January, we will need to get a gas system installed which we can fill up from LPG pumps at petrol stations, as there is no common standard across Europe for gas bottles, and the propane bottles we’re using at the moment aren’t used in either France or Spain. It will also save a lot of faff.  This will mean drilling in through the side of the van at some point, so I checked out the options and I’ll have to write to Knaus to see how I can do this without invalidating the water ingress warranty.

Once we were all sorted we drove back to Colchester using our new CoPilot satnav on my tablet. I’ve entered the dimensions of the van so we will hopefully avoid being sent down narrow lanes or roads with low bridges. First impressions are that it’s very good.

I did want to fill up with diesel, but the petrol stations along the main roads were charging a ridiculous amount, so I think I’m going to have to find an app which shows the cheapest petrol stations.

The van’s now back in storage, and we’ll be going back in a couple of weeks when I have a week off work.