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From Roermond to Mayschoß

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Roermond On the way out of Roermond we stopped at the Kapel In ‘T Zand cemetery, a Catholic cemetery with small Protestant and Jewish partitions. In this cemetery are the graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. J.W.C van Gorcum,… Read more »


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It took longer than expected to get to the stellplatz in Hamburg on Wednesday because some numpty (me) miskeyed the co-ordinates into the satnav. Fortunately it didn’t take us too far out of our way and we parked up at about 13:30. There was a bus stop right by the… Read more »


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Another Hanseatic town, Lüneburg’s fortune was made on a salt deposit lying close beneath the surface of the Altstadt, with salt being produced for over 1,000 years right up until 1980. The journey took a little longer than it ought to have, again because of roadworks. One thing we’ve noticed… Read more »


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It should only have taken half an hour to drive to Schwerin, but the main road was closed for resurfacing and with the diversion it took an hour. The main attraction in Schwerin is the picturesque Schloss, or castle, with its moat and 50 hectacre baroque gardens. There are four… Read more »


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We arrived at the Wismar stellplatz at around 10:30 yesterday and grabbed one of the last remaining places. If I had €1 for every van that turned around in front of us and drove back out, I’d have at least €27! As the stellplatz was just a short walk from… Read more »


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We made an early start to get to Schleswig not because it’s a long way from Friedrichstadt, but we’d read on Camper Contact that the stellplatz at the marina was really popular, filling up by early afternoon. Sure enough, there were very few spots left when we arrived before midday,… Read more »


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Our final stop in Denmark (and Scandinavia) was at Tønder, an old town just a few kilometres from the border with Germany. We had difficulty finding a parking spot in Tønder as it’s their annual festival is next week, so the car park we’d earmarked was closed and all of… Read more »