Sofia Days One and Two

I had originally planned to write one blog post for Sofia, but I’ve already taken so many ‘blog worthy’ photos (as Carol calls them) that I’m going to have to write two updates. Our neighbour on our final night in Thessaloniki was Bert from Holland who lives in a massive truck. We’d previously met him … Read more

Thessaloniki Days Five to Eight

Day Five There’s not much to say about day five. The camperstop is on a busy main road with no pavements, and as it’s common practice in Greece to drive along straddling the white line at the edge of the road, it’s not a great idea to walk along roads without a raised pavement, so … Read more

Thessaloniki Days One to Four

Day One – Wednesday It’s a long old drive from Athens to Thessaloniki – around 550km or 330 miles. There was nowhere in between that grabbed our attention, so we decided to make the journey in one day, which meant an eight hour drive along the toll roads. Setting the alarm early, we were on … Read more

Athens Days Five to Seven

Sunday was spent at the camp site so as to avoid the Macedonia protest taking place in Syntagma Square. Predictions beforehand were that a million or more protesters would converge on the capital, but the police estimates suggest that the number who actually turned up was more like 150,000. There wasn’t any violence reported, unlike … Read more

Athens Days One to Four

A bit of a long post today, so please bear with me! On Wednesday we left Corinth and drove 80km to Athens. It took about an hour and a half to get there on the toll roads, with delays caused by an accident on the approach to Athens. I’d emailed ahead to book a pitch, … Read more

Corinth Canal

Since the 7th century BC, people have tried to connect the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. At this time the Ancient Greeks built a diolkos – or paved slipway – and it was the job of the crew to pull their small boats across rollers from one sea to the other – some 6 … Read more


Yesterday morning we were up bright and early, and drove from Nafplion to the campsite at Drepano just 10km away. I think we got the owner up out of bed. The day was spent doing the laundry and charging up all of our gadgets and power packs, and our leisure battery is now back to … Read more


The town of Nafplion is overlooked by the Palamidi fortress at the top of a massive rocky outcrop. Built by the Venetians in the early 18th century, it certainly dominates the town. There are 999 steps to climb to get up to the top. Or, if you want to cheat, there’s a road to the … Read more