We’ve not done very much at all this week, given the hot weather. We left the campsite at Linköping and drove south to Älmhult, stopping on the way at supermarket Willys on the way. We also went to fill up with LPG as one of the tanks was half empty, but it would only take … Read more


It felt sad to leave Stockholm when we hadn’t properly explored the city, but we didn’t have much choice with the weather in the 30’s. We’ll just have to return another time. At least the aircon in the van works well, so we were nice and cool on the drive south to our next stop. … Read more


It’s a 600 km journey from Oslo to Stockholm, but there’s not much to see in between. It’s too far to drive in a day so we planned to break the journey up by stopping overnight at a free lakeside ställplats in Karlskoga. We had to drive the long way out of Oslo to avoid … Read more