As you’d expect, the kitchen in any motorhome is going to be small. That said, the kitchen in our van is a decent size compared to some, big enough for a three ring gas hob, a gas oven/grill and a fridge freezer which can run off electricity, gas or the leisure battery, all of which are made by a firm called Dometic.

The hob would get a bit cosy if we were to try and use all three rings at the same time, but we only ever need to use two simultaneously.

The oven isn’t huge, with just the one shelf, so you couldn’t cook a Sunday roast in there, but it’s large enough for our ‘one tray’ dinners.

The fridge is a decent size, and can easily hold a week’s worth of fresh food for the two of us. The freezer isn’t huge, but it’s large enough to keep a few dinners worth of meat along with peas and other bits and bobs.