From Budapest to Dresden

So after nearly three weeks in one place, we’ve just travelled through four different countries in only two days! We need to get to Poland, and had originally planned to drive from Budapest through Slovakia to get there. However that would have entailed crossing the Carpathian/Tatras mountains but, with the recent snow falls that we’ve … Read more

Chvalšiny to Vienna

Waldhausen We had seen a few Tesco superstores whilst driving through the Czech Republic so we checked online and, sure enough, there was one in Český Krumlov, and so that was our first stop of the day after leaving Chvalšiny. Back in the UK we’ve been doing our supermarket shopping online for many years now, … Read more


Leaving Děčín, we drove along to a distribution point for the road toll gizmo to fit in our windscreen. It wasn’t as painful as I was expecting – I was given a form to complete which had instructions in English, and then had to show the lady my driving licence along with the V5 for … Read more

From Meissen to Děčín

Meissen After a full-on week in Berlin-Leipzig-Colditz we really needed a few days downtime. We chose Meissen, as the stellplatz was part of a quiet rural hotel on the outskirts of town. Travelling around in the van, we’ve been woken up in the morning by many different sounds: dogs barking; cockerels crowing; church bells ringing; … Read more