From Dresden to Wrocław

As we were preparing to leave Dresden yesterday, two massive police water cannon arrived and parked up. It turned out that they were there for the Dynamo Dresden game against FC Nürnburg, so maybe it’s a good job I didn’t get a ticket! (I checked later and the game sounds like it was a rather … Read more

Dresden Part Two

Today’s our 11th and final day in Dresden. We didn’t originally plan to stay here at all, but we’re so glad that we did as it’s a lovely place. We’ve spent the past few days walking around town, as well as going further afield on the trams. The public transport here is superb: the trams … Read more

Dresden Part One

We only meant to stay in Dresden for a few days before driving onto a campsite at Wrocław in Poland, which according to the CamperContact app is open all year round. However, when we checked with the campsite we discovered that it doesn’t open until 1st April, so as we really like it here in … Read more

From Budapest to Dresden

So after nearly three weeks in one place, we’ve just travelled through four different countries in only two days! We need to get to Poland, and had originally planned to drive from Budapest through Slovakia to get there. However that would have entailed crossing the Carpathian/Tatras mountains but, with the recent snow falls that we’ve … Read more