From Malbork to Vilnius

Our next stop after leaving Malbork was Wilczy Szaniec, or Wolf’s Lair, Adolf Hitler’s headquarters on the Eastern Front, hidden in the forests of eastern Poland. The drive to Wolf’s Lair, along tree lined avenues through miles and miles of flat farmland and lakes, was a bit of a bumpy one as several stretches of … Read more


Malbork is only 80 km (50 miles) from Sopot, so it only took an hour or so (via Lidl) to drive here. In the 13th century Malbork was the capital of the Teutonic State, one of medieval Europe’s most powerful states, and at 59 acres the famous castle still claims to be the largest in the … Read more


We’ve had a good couple of days in Wrocław, even though the weather has been rather cold. It’s quite a compact town, so it’s easy to see most places on foot. As we visited on Easter Sunday and Monday, lots of places were closed, but that didn’t stop us sightseeing and there were plenty of … Read more