We’d originally planned to visit Valladolid after leaving Tordesillas, but the weather forecasts were predicting snow over the next few days. As there are no campsites in Valladolid, we decided to drive straight to a campsite in Burgos (ACSI, €20/night) so as to avoid getting caught out in the snow like we did when crossing … Read more


Unlike Würzburg, Bamberg escaped the Allied bombing in WWII, and the town is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We arrived at the stellplatz at lunchtime, and there were fortunately a few spaces so we parked up, had lunch and set off into town – a 20 minute walk along the river. Bamberg really is … Read more


We arrived at the Wismar stellplatz at around 10:30 yesterday and grabbed one of the last remaining places. If I had €1 for every van that turned around in front of us and drove back out, I’d have at least €27! As the stellplatz was just a short walk from the Altstadt, we decided that … Read more

Bad Schwartau

Lübeck is a city that I’ve been looking forward to visiting for a long time. Full of history, it’s one of the main cities of the Hanseatic League, the trade association which was prominent between the 13th and 16th centuries. The Hanseatic League had a trading post in the City of London back in the … Read more


On our drive from Odense to Aarhus we stopped off about half way at a town called Jelling (pronounced Yelling!). Jelling is the place which the Danes consider to be the birthplace of their country. Back in 965 AD King Harald Bluetooth converted to Christianity, and there’s a rune stone which declares that Harald had … Read more

From Strøby to Helsingør

We ended up staying at the campsite in Strøby for four nights, spending most of the time reading in the shade. As we were still able to pick up German Eurosport, we watched the closing stages of the Tour de France, and it was fantastic to see Welshman Geraint Thomas win the yellow jersey. In … Read more

From Nordkapp to Burfjord

Leaving Nordkapp mid-morning, we had no plans other than stopping off for the night somewhere along the road towards Alta. We didn’t drive past anywhere particularly appealing, though the dreadful weather didn’t help, and so we ended up driving directly to Alta. The roads in Norway are good, and outside of the towns every other … Read more

Kvarken Archipelago

The gateway to the Kvarken Archipelago is the Replot Bridge which, at just over a kilometre, is Finland’s longest bridge. The scenery crossing the bridge looked beautiful on this glorious sunny day, with lots of small islands dotted around the deep blue sea. The whole archipelago, comprising 5,600 islands spread over some 200,000 hectares, is … Read more


Malbork is only 80 km (50 miles) from Sopot, so it only took an hour or so (via Lidl) to drive here. In the 13th century Malbork was the capital of the Teutonic State, one of medieval Europe’s most powerful states, and at 59 acres the famous castle still claims to be the largest in the … Read more