I’d booked the early afternoon ferry to Helsinki so that we wouldn’t have to get up ridiculously early, though we still had to set the alarm for 07:00. After stopping off for some groceries and filling up with diesel (which is more expensive in Finland) we arrived at the port with plenty of time to … Read more

Tallinn Part Two

On our second day in Tallinn we went for a walk outside the old town, which turned out to be just like any modern city with shopping malls, restaurants and bars. We quickly became bored walking around the shops, and so went for a drink in the old town before spending some time in an … Read more

Tallinn Part One

It was a 300 km drive from Riga to Tallinn, which took most of the day with a couple of stops. There are no Lidl stores in either Latvia or Estonia, so we stopped at a Maxima X instead (X denotes a small supermarket, XX is a large one, and XXX is a hypermarket). It … Read more