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From St Cyprien to Reyrevignes

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We’ve had a busy week since the last update from St Cyprien, so this post is a bit longer than normal with more photos – you might want to put a brew on! There was a Carrefour at St Cyprien with a laundrette in the car park, so before moving… Read more »

From Speyer to Jaligny-sur-Besbre

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We’ve decided that we’ll be spending winter in Spain, so over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling through France. Current thinking is that we’ll be visiting the Dordogne region, a pretty wine producing area with several villages which are rated amongst ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’, and from… Read more »

Back on the road…

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After learning that my Dad had passed away, we fast tracked our way through Germany to France, and spent around a week on a lovely aire in Stenay (about a day’s drive from Calais) whilst the funeral arrangements were being made. Taking the tunnel back to the UK, we drove… Read more »

From Schluchsee to Oberkirch

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Simonswald Our drive to Simonswald took us into the Black Forest proper, and the scenery was stunning. For some unknown reason, I’d always assumed that it would be pretty flat terrain, but it’s quite the opposite – steep sided valleys of evergreen trees. The camp site was on three levels,… Read more »