Back on the road…

After learning that my Dad had passed away, we fast tracked our way through Germany to France, and spent around a week on a lovely aire in Stenay (about a day’s drive from Calais) whilst the funeral arrangements were being made.

Taking the tunnel back to the UK, we drove to the Sewardstone camp site in the Lea Valley Park, which fortunately for us had a spare pitch for two weeks in the peak holiday season. My Dad’s funeral went as well as these things can go, and I’d like to say many thanks for all the kind messages of condolence. We spent most of our time in the UK seeing family, so apologies to our friends in Wickford for not making it over for an evening out – there simply wasn’t enough time.

On 6th August it was exactly six months since we set off on our travels. In that time we’ve visited four countries: France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Or seven if you count crossing a footbridge over the River Rhine into Switzerland, a daytrip to Salzburg, and a brief diversion into Luxembourg to fill up with diesel at £0.85 per litre. We’ve driven 8,090 miles (or 13,020 km) and had a fantastic time visiting so many places that we would otherwise never see.

We’re now back on the road, stopping in France tonight before spending a couple of nights in Luxembourg. From there we’ll hop over to Germany, taking the road through the Moselle Valley before making our way to Berlin.


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  1. Looking forward to more travel stories. Sorry your return to the UK wasn’t under better circumstances. Hope it was a good turn-out x

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