Our final stop in Denmark (and Scandinavia) was at Tønder, an old town just a few kilometres from the border with Germany. We had difficulty finding a parking spot in Tønder as it’s their annual festival is next week, so the car park we’d earmarked was closed and all of the surrounding streets had ‘No … Read more


We left Outrup taking the scenic route to our first stop at the Tirpitz museum, set in what remains of a massive WWII bunker on the west coast of Jutland. The bunker was to be part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, stretching from Brittany in France right up to the north east coast of Norway, which … Read more


The plan for yesterday was to drive up to Aalborg, stopping at a couple of places along the way which had been recommended by Thomas, the Danish friend of Carol’s friend Julie. The first of these was an old inn called Hvidsten Kro (kro translates as inn or tavern). Thomas had told us that it’s … Read more


On our drive from Odense to Aarhus we stopped off about half way at a town called Jelling (pronounced Yelling!). Jelling is the place which the Danes consider to be the birthplace of their country. Back in 965 AD King Harald Bluetooth converted to Christianity, and there’s a rune stone which declares that Harald had … Read more


There are only two road tolls in Denmark which, when combined, cost more than 18 months vehicle excise duty in the UK. We’d already driven across the Øresund bridge to cross from Sweden to Denmark and, as it’s the only road crossing between the islands of Zealand and Funen, we now had to cross the … Read more


It was only a short ride from Helsingør to the campsite in Copenhagen. On the way, we stopped off at Ryvangen Memorial Park, which commemorates members of the Danish resistance who were murdered there by the Nazis. It wasn’t until after the war that the bodies of 197 freedom fighters were discovered in this area, … Read more

From Strøby to Helsingør

We ended up staying at the campsite in Strøby for four nights, spending most of the time reading in the shade. As we were still able to pick up German Eurosport, we watched the closing stages of the Tour de France, and it was fantastic to see Welshman Geraint Thomas win the yellow jersey. In … Read more


We’ve not done very much at all this week, given the hot weather. We left the campsite at Linköping and drove south to Älmhult, stopping on the way at supermarket Willys on the way. We also went to fill up with LPG as one of the tanks was half empty, but it would only take … Read more