A week in Friuli, Italy

We’ve spent the past week touring around the Friuli part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the most north easterly province of Italy bordering Slovenia to the east, and Switzerland – and the Alps – to the north. We didn’t go up into the mountains, choosing instead to stay on the plains where the landscape is largely agricultural. … Read more


We’d read online about a camperstop at a vineyard with a restaurant, close to the Italian border at Zalošče (I have no clue how to pronounce that). It’s a family business run by Ingrid and Marko, and we’d booked ourselves in for a five course meal last night (Thursday). The restaurant isn’t open every day out … Read more

From Krk to Pivka

We definitely picked the right day to move on from Krk, as on the morning we left the skies were very grey with a storm brewing, and within minutes of driving away it absolutely poured down. We would have liked to have made it to Pula and Rovinj before leaving Croatia, but the sites nearby had … Read more

From Ljubljana to Zagreb

Sevnica We drove to our next stop in Sevnica taking the country lanes rather than the motorway, and we’re glad that we did as the scenery was really picturesque now that the leaves on the trees have started to change, and we’re now hoping for a very colourful drive through Croatia. The roads weren’t too … Read more


At 7am the church bells rang, and rang… and rang. They stopped after a couple of minutes, and I turned over and tried to get back to sleep. At quarter past the bells went off again so I got up. It’s as if the whole town gets woken up at 7, and is allowed a … Read more


First stop this morning was the gorge at Vintgar, just a few kilometres from Lake Bled, down some steep and narrow winding lanes. We parked up, paid the €5 admission and went along the path to the gorge. The gorge is 1.6 km long, and carves its way through the rocks of the Hom and Boršt … Read more

From Graz to Bled

Ferlach We again avoided the tolls and drove from Graz to our next stop at Ferlach on the back roads, which meant crossing two mountain passes. Whilst taking a bit longer, and requiring a lot of effort driving around loads of steep hairpin bends, the scenery definitely made it worthwhile, even though the skies were … Read more