We’d read online about a camperstop at a vineyard with a restaurant, close to the Italian border at Zalošče (I have no clue how to pronounce that). It’s a family business run by Ingrid and Marko, and we’d booked ourselves in for a five course meal last night (Thursday).

The restaurant isn’t open every day out of season, so after leaving Pivka we spent Wednesday night at a camperstop in Razdrto. We were parked next to a smallholding which was home to four rather large pigs and 40 or so piglets which were really cute.

After arriving in Zalošče yesterday, we went for a walk into the next village of Dornberk. It’s a tiny place with a supermarket, a bar and, most importantly an ATM. Once we’d withdrawn some cash we went for a look around the supermarket. In the Slovenian and Croatian supermarkets we’ve got used to seeing these red glass lanterns and just assumed that people used these in the garden. Walking past the cemetery though, we spotted a vending machine selling these lanterns for €1 a pop, so the penny dropped that these are memorial lanterns, and there were plenty of these in the graveyard.

Get your memorial lanterns here…
Dornberk on the left and Zalošče on the right
The vineyard – we’ve missed the harvest
Our parking spot with a view

Last night we went to the restaurant and had a lovely six course meal (they’d added a surprise dessert course!) and we both really enjoyed the food, which they’d matched with their wines. We had a lovely evening, though I did over-indulge on the wine a bit!

Carol waiting for the first course to arrive
A beetroot and trout dish
Tasting the wine
Beef cheek main course
One of the puddings!

Since we’ve been back in Slovenia we’ve had to get used to the church bells ringing for a few minutes at random times of the day. There are at least three churches in earshot, and they were all trying to outdo each other at 7 AM.

We stayed at the camperstop for a second night, taking advantage of the washing machine and half-decent weather to get the laundry done, and tomorrow we cross over the border into Italy which we’re looking forward to.


2 thoughts on “Zalošče”

  1. Did they serve that meal on a tray of stones or was that just you being artistic?? The plates look interesting too – is that a bull or a horse design? Why not indulge in the wine if you’re not driving. I’m surprised you could walk after 6 courses and wine. We went to Latinos on Saturday and I could only manage a starter, 1 tapas dish and a dessert (and half a jug of sangria). Dave polished off a few more dishes than me. Hope it doesn’t get too cold for you in the motor home. It’s been pretty chilly and windy here. Take care. Luv Lesley x

    • Yup … it was a tray of stones … with a plastic plate on top – that dish was one of the best we had, served also on a bull plate – I had a Chinese design on mine. Not too chilly in the van, they keep surprisingly warm when the temperatures drop. In Italy now! Carol xx

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