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We went the long way round to get out of Helsinki, so as to avoid driving through the city centre again. The motorways here are great – zero congestion, and a road surface as smooth as the runway at Heathrow, with not a pothole to be found. We’d expected to… Read more »


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Lithuania has implemented a deposit scheme for bottles and cans like the one proposed in the UK, so as we had quite a few bottles and cans we called in at the blue and gold temple that is Lidl to get a refund on our recycling stash before crossing the… Read more »


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Around 25 km to the south west of Vilnius, there’s a town called Trakai which is surrounded by lakes. We’d seen some photos of a medieval castle on an island in one of the lakes, so we stopped by to check it out. The castle is built of red bricks,… Read more »

Vilnius Part Two

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On our travels behind what was the Iron Curtain, there have been regular reminders of the oppressive totalitarian Nazi and Soviet regimes which once held sway here. We’ve visited museums in Berlin, Leipzig, Pivka, Sofia, Budapest, Dresden, Warsaw and Gdańsk, with each one giving a different take on the events… Read more »

From Malbork to Vilnius

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Our next stop after leaving Malbork was Wilczy Szaniec, or Wolf’s Lair, Adolf Hitler’s headquarters on the Eastern Front, hidden in the forests of eastern Poland. The drive to Wolf’s Lair, along tree lined avenues through miles and miles of flat farmland and lakes, was a bit of a bumpy… Read more »