It was quite a long and boring drive to Tours, so we listened to lots of podcasts on the way to keep ourselves entertained.

The campsite in Tours is an ACSI €18/night one, located a 20 minute bus ride from the centre. Despite the wet weather, we braved it into town both days. It’s situated on the banks of the River Loire. There’s a pretty old town, and much of the pedestrianised lanes in the newer part of town look like the old town.

There’s not a huge amount to do apart from visit the cathedral or art museum, so when we weren’t having coffee and cakes or eating lunch, we spent our time browsing around the shops. The weather was rather wet, but at least it didn’t snow like it has done back in the UK.

Tomorrow we have another long drive, this time to an aire in Boulogne, where we’ll spend the night before catching the Eurotunnel back to the UK on Sunday.


Tours Cathedral
The River Loire
Hôtel de Ville
Palais de Justice
Gare de Vinci
Basilique St Martin
Square in the old town
Outside the Café de Vieux Mûrier…
… and inside
The magret du canard was good!
We found a great patisserie…
… so we went back the next day!

4 thoughts on “Tours”

  1. Those cakes looked yummy 🙂 You’ll be popping into Cosson’s to bring back memories when you get home. Hope you have a safe and stress-free journey back to theUK. It’s all go here with consultation meetings about the possible building of a hotel/pub at the bottom of Salcott Crescent (where the footpath currently runs to the bridge) and the Library/Community Centre being re-housed. Look forward to seeing you soon. Luv Lesley x

    • Lol … We’re hoping the potholes near the C of E School have been filled in, the trains run at weekends, the best Indian/Chinese etc has been decided etc etc! Hey ho, it’ll be as though we’ve never been away! Looking forward to seeing you both. C x

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