From Crevillent to Toledo


It felt funny getting behind the wheel again after more than two weeks, but we didn’t have far to drive to get to our next stop near Alquerías, a pueblo on the outskirts of Murcia.

The camperstop was rather picturesque, located amongst lemon and orange groves, with lemon trees separating the pitches on the site. We’d planned to get the bus from Alquerías to visit Murcia but unfortunately the bus stop was a mile-long walk from the camperstop along either a road with no pavement or a cross-country footpath, neither of which would be much fun in the evening darkness, so we decided that we’d give Murcia a miss and move on yesterday morning.

A lemon grove
Oranges and lemons…

Chinchilla de Monte

After a quick Lidl shop in Alquerías, we were soon back on the road heading towards Toledo, some 400km away. As it’s not much fun driving that far in one day we decided to stop for the night part way at a free aire in Chinchilla de Monte, which has great reviews on CamperContact. It’s basically a large car park with a service point, but it’s situated just a short (but very steep) walk from the old town at the top of a hill (the clue’s in the name!).

After lunch in the van we climbed up stairs and along the steep footpaths into the old town, and continued up to the castle wall at the top. Following the wall right the way around the castle, we had some fantastic views across the flat plains of Aragon. Back in the town it was still siesta time and everywhere was closed, so we returned to the van and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out.

Semana Santa statue (nothing to do with the KKK!)
The main square
A pretty courtyard
The plains in Spain…
A cave dwelling built into the hillside beneath the castle…
… one of many…
… and a derelict cave dwelling
Door of the day?
… or is this door of the day?
We’re in Don Quixote country
A steep lane in the old town
Another lane with the castle at the top of the hill
The old town from the aire


Today we drove 270 km through the flat plains to Toledo. We’re staying on a campsite just a short bus ride from the old town, and will be staying here for three nights.


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  1. We’re in Los Narejos now, Murcia. I bet you’re miles away now. Lol. Are we ever gonna cross paths again?

    • Yup we’re near Madrid now, heading back to the UK, so gawd knows! It’s a small world so you never know 🙂

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