Another week in Ljubljana

Our last night in Italy was spent in the car park of a small village just outside Trieste, where we had our kitchen tap replaced on the Friday morning. Later that day, back in Slovenia, we stopped off to see Predjama Castle before moving on to the Postojna caves. We had intended to spend Friday evening at the aire by the caves, and taking a tour of the caves on Saturday morning before driving on to Ljubljana. However, there was a sign up at the aire saying there was no water, so we spent the night at the aire of the nearby military museum at Pivka instead, where they very kindly let us spend the night for free as we’d previously visited the museum.

Predjama Castle

After a lovely peaceful night in Pivka, we drove 15 km back to the caves and booked ourselves in for the first tour of the day. The tour lasted an hour and a half, and involved a 2 km train ride into the cave complex, then a 1.5 km walk through the caves before taking the train back to the surface. The admission charge was quite expensive at just over €25 each (on top of €10 to park the van) but we thought it was well worth the money.

Postojna Caves
Postojna Caves
Postojna Caves
Postojna Caves
Postojna Caves
Postojna Caves

We’ve spent the past (almost a) week in Ljubljana, and my dental implant work has now been completed, thank goodness! The weather here has been very autumnal – it’s rained a lot, and we’ve hardly seen the sun. Between dentist appointments we’ve been into the city a couple of times. We visited the main sights when we were here a few weeks ago, so there weren’t many new things to see. However, we did go for a coffee at the top of the art deco style skyscraper building which, when it was built, was one of the tallest buildings in Europe. We also had an admin day – laundry, grocery shopping and filling the van with LPG and diesel.

Ljubljana street sculpture
A bike tree
View of Ljubljana Castle from the skyscraper
Afternoon coffee and cake!
The skyscraper staircase
Ljubljana bar humour

Tomorrow will be a driving day, some 250 km straight to Venice. Neither of us has been there before, so we’re really looking forward to it.


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