Unlike Würzburg, Bamberg escaped the Allied bombing in WWII, and the town is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We arrived at the stellplatz at lunchtime, and there were fortunately a few spaces so we parked up, had lunch and set off into town – a 20 minute walk along the river.

Bamberg really is a picturesque town, the highlight being the Alte Rathaus on a small island in the river. There’s (of course) a huge cathedral and lots of other old buildings doted around the town.

Tomorrow we will be moving on to Bayreuth via Lidl, and hopefully a laundrette!


The Alte Rathaus…
… and close up
The cathedral (well – the end of it that wasn’t covered in scaffolding!)
The Old Court
More Old Court
We love these old hanging signs outside shops and restaurants…
… and this one outside the local music venue!
A lovely timber building – the flowers were a bit yellow though!
Little Venice
This building looked like it could have been designed by Josiah Wedgewood