Würzburg is the city at the northern end of the so-called Romantic Road, which wends its way down to Füssen and Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, which we visited last year. In March 1945, around 90% of the historic city of Würzburg was destroyed in just 17 minutes by 225 Lancaster bombers. After the war the historically important buildings were faithfully reconstructed, and today it’s a popular city on the tourist trail.

The stellplatz in Würzburg is in a car park. The reviews on Camper Contact weren’t great, and it wasn’t clear whether the stellplatz had a service point or electric hook up, so we were prepared to just stay for the day and move to another stellplatz for the evening. We arrived yesterday just as another van was leaving, so we pulled into their space, in a prime position overlooking the River Main. After confirming that there was a service point, we hooked the van up to the electric and decided that we’d stop the for two nights – it’s great being able to make up your itinerary on the fly!

Being so close to the city, we’ve been into the centre a few times. There’s loads to see, lots of interesting shops and plenty of places to eat and drink, so we’ve had a great time – the lovely weather we’ve had certainly helps. We didn’t climb up to the castle though!  It’s definitely a place to visit if you’re in the area.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving Würzburg and heading towards Bamberg.


Our place in the stellplatz
Loads of vans!
The Alte Mainbrücke
Schloss Marienberg
Cathedral of St Kilian
Street sculpture
Residenz Würzburg – the reconstructed palace where the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg lived in the 18th century
In the gardens of the Residenz Würzburg – a UNESCO World Heritage site