Today was one of those days where it all went pear shaped, but turned out great in the end!

We’d planned to stop at Lidl and to fill up with diesel before leaving Bamberg, and then drive to Bayreuth. Once in Bayreuth, we’d stop at a laundrette before parking up at the stellplatz and visiting the town. After we were done in Bayreuth, we would then move on to Nuremberg.

All went to plan until we arrived at the stellplatz, which was just a car park in the middle of a residential area that happened to have a service point. Neither of us felt happy there so we had to come up with a Plan B. After checking CamperContact, we decided to move on to Forcheim, with a well equipped stellplatz just a short walk from a pretty Altstadt. It was a bit of a drive, but we thought it would be worth it. How wrong we were!

Forcheim looked to be a lovely town as we drove in, but that all changed when we arrived at the stellplatz to find that it had been overtaken by ‘travellers’ – on each pitch was a large caravan which had clearly been there for some time. (Stellplätze are for motorhomes only, and caravans are not allowed.) Whilst there was a parking overflow area, there was no way we were going to leave the van unattended there, so we had to work out a Plan C.

When researching Nuremberg we found that there are no secure stellplätze with a service point in the city centre, and a ridiculously priced campsite (€40/night) seemed to be the only game in town – and even then we’d need to get a bus into the city centre. Plan C was to move on to a stellplatz at Feucht, on the outskirts of Nuremberg, and then drive to the Nuremberg campsite the next morning.

We arrived at the Feucht stellplatz at dinner time, so it had been a very long day. Feucht is another old looking town with lots of timber buildings (sorry, no photos) and the stellplatz is on the edge of town next to a swimming pool and indoor tennis club, costing just €9/night. Checking out the vicinity, we quickly realised that there was a S-Bahn station about 10 minutes walk away, so we’d be able to visit Nuremberg from here, with the one day travelcard for both of us costing just €12.50, cheap as chips! No need to spend loads of money staying on an overpriced campsite then!

We popped into the tennis club tonight to pay for the stellplatz, and stayed for a drink in the bar there. They gave us a €2 motorhomers discount off our bill and we were also able to give their WiFi a bit of a hammering. So it all turned out alright in the end!