Vilnius Part Two

On our travels behind what was the Iron Curtain, there have been regular reminders of the oppressive totalitarian Nazi and Soviet regimes which once held sway here. We’ve visited museums in Berlin, Leipzig, Pivka, Sofia, Budapest, Dresden, Warsaw and Gdańsk, with each one giving a different take on the events of the 20th century, and … Read more

Vilnius Part One

Lithuania is another new country for us both, the 17th country we’ve visited on this trip, and it’s a country neither of us knew very much about. Reading the blurb in our guide books, it’s had a long and turbulent history, though the modern Lithuanian state is only 100 years old. Our first full day … Read more

From Malbork to Vilnius

Our next stop after leaving Malbork was Wilczy Szaniec, or Wolf’s Lair, Adolf Hitler’s headquarters on the Eastern Front, hidden in the forests of eastern Poland. The drive to Wolf’s Lair, along tree lined avenues through miles and miles of flat farmland and lakes, was a bit of a bumpy one as several stretches of … Read more