From Dresden to Wrocław

As we were preparing to leave Dresden yesterday, two massive police water cannon arrived and parked up. It turned out that they were there for the Dynamo Dresden game against FC Nürnburg, so maybe it’s a good job I didn’t get a ticket! (I checked later and the game sounds like it was a rather dull 1-1 draw, and the water cannon weren’t required.)

We don’t get these over the Orient!

After stopping to fill up with food, gas and diesel we joined the motorway and headed for the Polish border. Our big worry was being able to demonstrate the emissions class of the van to get an On Board Unit (OBU) for the road tolls. Fortunately our prep paid off, and I was issued with an OBU with minimal fuss. I have updated the Road Tolls page with details.

Slightly chuffed to have the OBU

The drive to Wrocław was rather boring scenery-wise. One thing we did notice though was the huge number of GB registered cars overtaking us – there must have been at least a couple of hundred, probably UK based Poles visiting family for Easter.

The camper stop is in a less salubrious part of the city hidden behind an anonymous electric gate, so it was a bit difficult to find. It’s a good site though, with all the facilities we need, and it’s a five minute walk from the tram stop and a 15 minute ride to the centre of town.

A couple of the many dwarves for which Wroclaw is famous

After an early dinner last night we went into town and had a stroll around the beautiful main square, stopping for a drink at one of the many bars just before the heavens opened. We’ll be exploring the town properly over the next couple of days.