Chvalšiny and Český Krumlov

Chvalšiny (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) is located in the south west of the Czech Republic, around 100 miles away from Prague. Once off the motorways to get out of Prague (more tolls!), the journey took us through the beautiful Bohemian countryside. It’s just a shame that the weather wasn’t great – grey skies accompanied by rain showers – and it’s also turned very cold; winter is definitely on its way.

The site at Chvalšiny is huge – enough for some 150 vans – though there are less than 20 vans here now, and the place closes for winter at the end of the month. It’s owned by a Dutch couple and the facilities are great.

Yesterday we went for a walk into the local village, and today we drove 6 miles to Český Krumlov, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We arrived at 10 AM as we’d read that the coach tours turn up late morning. Sure enough, by the time we left at 1 PM, the place was heaving. It really is a beautiful town, and well worth a visit.

Photos below. I’m trying out a different format – displaying the photos as thumbnails – and would be interested to hear your comments!


4 thoughts on “Chvalšiny and Český Krumlov”

  1. Personally I prefer the other way, as we get to read the picture caption, and I don’t have to click on each image individually. If there was a function to click to the next image, it wouldn’t be so bad. But I do enjoy the funny captions.

    It’s wintertime here too, which it never normally is around my birthday

  2. Sorry, I too prefer the old style for the same reasons – the captions and not having to click on each photo (unless I’m missing a trick). Certainly looks another pretty place to visit. Think winter is coming everywhere. I’ve had the heating on at home and it wasn’t as warm in Croatia as I was expecting!

  3. Hi Mike, sorry I prefer the old way too as I too like the captions and saves me clicking on each one when I don’t have my glasses on!
    Just back from a few days in Budapest and the weather unsettled there too, so just catching up with your emails. Looks like you are in for an interesting few weeks…..

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