From Gytheio to Nafplion

We left Gytheio, safely negotiating the narrow sliproad off the peninsula, and drove 5 km along the coast to see the Dimitrios shipwreck which went aground in 1981 and has been left to the elements.

The Dimitrios shipwreck from the road…
… and from the beach

From there we called in at Lidl to stock up on groceries, and it was only a short drive from there to our next stop at Kokkinia, where we were surprised to find three British couples parked up with vans from Denmark and Sweden as well. We parked up between them along the beach and introduced ourselves.

Good old Lidl!
Spot the van!

As it was a lovely sunny afternoon, if a little windy, we got the chairs out for a while and read our books. It was lovely and quiet, apart from the sound of waves in the background, with the only disturbance caused by the shepherd herding his sheep and goat along the road past our vans. We’d only planned to stay for one night, but we quickly decided that we’d stay for a second night.

Many of the sheep wore bells, so this lot were quite noisy

The next morning we set off for a walk into the village, which was a little further than we’d expected. Two miles later we arrived at the local cafe for a well deserved coffee, and gave their WiFi a bit of a hammering, downloading all our updates, books and magazines. The weather wasn’t so great in the afternoon so we spent the rest of the day in the van reading.

Geoff, one of our British neighbours made this momento of Kokkinia for us

The next morning we said goodbye to our neighbours and set off towards Monemvasia. It’s an old town on an island connected to the mainland by a bridge (Monemvasia translates as “one entrance”). Motorhomes aren’t allowed on the island itself so we parked nearby and set off. On the way we spotted the van belonging to our German friends Reinhardt and Karo. They weren’t about, but we did bump into them as we were leaving.

The island’s quite big, so it took a good 20 minutes to walk uphill to the gateway of the town. Inside the walls was a labyrinth of narrow cobbled passageways, some lined with shops and cafés. The climb to the castle at the top was steep and rugged, so we gave that a miss and went for a coffee instead, sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea.

Monemvasia churches
View over the Monemvasia rooftops
The climb up to the castle at the top
Monemvasia bell tower

We’d planned to stay the night in Monemvasia but we didn’t like the parking area, and so we changed plan and moved on to the next stop at Sambatiki some 100 km away across some pretty steep mountains, watched over by herds of mountain goat. We arrived at Sambatiki not long before dark, and descended to our stop for the night overlooking the marina.

Twisty mountain road
Sambatiki from above
Our Sambatiki camper stop

Yesterday morning we drove further round the coast to Paralia Agios Andrea, another picturesque and almost deserted marina, and had a restful day chilling out.

Another day, another marina – Paralia Agios Andrea

This morning we made the short journey to Nafplion. The town’s strategically well positioned, so it’s been a busy port since the Bronze Age, and it was also the first capital of Greece after declaring independence from Turkey. There’s a lot to see here, so we’ll be spending the next day or two exploring the town.


5 thoughts on “From Gytheio to Nafplion”

  1. Are you fed up of travelling yet?
    I must have missed the blog where you were entertaining in your van for 8 people. Which was it?
    I saw someone had mentionrd it in a comment

    • Hiya Tina, great to hear from you. Definitely not fed up with travelling yet. There’s no way we could fit eight in our van let alone cater for them and entertain them! On Xmas eve Katherine and James ( invited us to their van with three others – seven in total. Hope you’re having a fab time in Chile and enjoying the vino.

  2. Great to met you both this morning in Nafplio, how was the walk up to the top of the castle? Safe travels… Jo and Si

    • Yes, great to meet you too! We ended up having a large lunch, so we’ll be climbing up to the top tomorrow morning (and probably then spend the rest of the day recovering!). Hope you got your tap sorted. Keep in touch.

    • We climbed every step to the top …. and then walked down the hill at the back, which took far longer. Glad we did it but never again!! Carol

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