From Nuremberg to Speyer

We’ve had a busy week this week. After leaving Nuremberg we went to the Knaus factory at Jandelsbrunn in the south east of Germany, just 25 km or so from both the Czech and Austrian borders. On the way we stopped off at a campsite in Eging, and then a stellplatz in Waldkirchen.

There ws an ice rink at Waldkirchen and I caught the end of a hockey match – the home team lost 9-6
Waldkirchen Altstadt
They had these lovely figurines around the town in Waldkirchen – this one’s the mayor…
… and this one is a bride

The team at the Knaus factory sorted out a couple of warranty issues which the factory in Hungary couldn’t fix back in March, and the van’s now 100%.

After leaving the factory we spent the next couple of days driving across Germany, covering more than 500km, and we stopped in Speyer for a last night in Germany before crossing over to France.

Speyer Altstadt

Speyer is home to the Technik Museum – the Technical Museum – which specialises in transport, everything from submarines to a Boeing 747 and a Russian space shuttle (no Trabants though!). Carol has come down with a cold and wasn’t feeling great – her first one since beginning our travels – so I went to the museum on my own (with her blessing!). I got there for opening time and had the place to myself, which was good as two hours later the place had been overtaken by kids. I returned to the van at lunchtime so that we could set off for France.

Inside one of the museum halls…
… and outside
A Russian space shuttle – the programme came to a halt with the collapse of the Soviet Union


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  1. Hope C feels better soon. Having been cold free for 3.5 travelling years, I’ve had two since being back in the UK. So just keep on going! X

  2. Oh no poor Carol – she tempted fate by telling me only a few days ago that neither of you had had colds since leaving the UK last year. Do hope she feels better soon. I’m sure that Lemon vodka would help 🙂 Luv Lesley xx

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