Now that all the kids are back at school, the ACSI campsite discounts have kicked in, meaning that we can now stop at a participating campsite for max. €19 a night including electricity and showers. Our ACSI card has already paid for itself many times over!

Fellow bloggers had stayed at the Delft campsite this time a few years ago and reported that the site was full, so we took the precaution of booking ahead and it’s a good job we did. At midday yesterday I tried not to look too smug as the guy next to me at the reception desk was turned away because he didn’t have a reservation. Taking advantage of the laundry facilities, Carol put two loads of washing on before we set off into town, a 20 minute walk away.

The old town is centred around a traditional market square, but as it’s the annual carnival this weekend the main part of the square had been fenced off and temporary stands put up. We were otherwise able to wander around the town, and we stopped for more home made apple pie and a coffee.

The weather forecasts had correctly predicted thunderstorms overnight, and the heavy rain continued through to lunchtime today, so we gave the van a bit of a spring clean this morning.

After lunch the rain subsided, and so we returned to the old town to walk around the bits we didn’t see yesterday. Given that Delft is famous for its blue and white pottery, we were quite surprised at how few tat shops there were.

Tomorrow we’ll be driving the short distance to Gouda, of cheese fame.


Delft pottery shop
They like cheese here in the Netherlands
Homemade apple pie
A copper pulled up three rather sheepish looking lads on a mobility scooter
It was tipping it down!
Boat coming through…
One of the canals in the old town
That’s one way of transporting schoolkids – there were nine in this buggy!
Carol wearing her ‘Delft top
The town hall
The market square, getting ready for the carnival
Nieuwe Kerk (New Church)