We left Canterbury at 9am, and I have to say that the motorhome facility was well thought out – the local council have done a great job. Within half an hour we were in Folkestone, and were put onto an earlier train. The train was only half full and the ride was uneventful. I quickly adjusted to driving on the wrong side of the road. As the van is over 3.5 tonnes we have to drive 10km below the speed limit on the motorways and A roads, but I’m quite happy with that and just switch on the cruise control.

We arrived in Arras at about 3pm and parked up in the aire (car park for motorhomes). It’s free to park and has about a dozen spaces, but there’s only one service point at the end with two electricity outlets, for which tokens are required. A French motorhome was parked up next to the service point but taking up two spaces, the greedy git, so I parked up in the next one along. We have two electric cables which can be joined together, so can still reach the service point, so he won’t get one over on me 🙂

We went for a walk to the tourist information office at the town hall to buy some tokens for the service point. We’ve been to Arras a couple of times before when visiting the war graves, so we soon found our bearings (Carol’s great great grandfather was killed in WWI in Albert, just a few miles away). It’s a lovely town, with two big squares and quite a few bars and restaurants.

The town hall in the Place de Heroes
Giants in the town hall
Grand Place

The only negative thing to report is that the local canine community has been rather prolific at laying pavement sausages, so you really have to watch where you’re walking! We returned to the van for dinner, then walked back into town for a couple of glasses of wine, a nice way to end a long day. Tomorrow we have a 150 mile drive to a town just east of Paris.


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