The theme of today’s blog update is gas and wine.

We’re trying to get out of the habit of setting the alarm clock, but we set it for 8am this morning as I’d told Beatriz that we’d call in between 10 and 11 to buy some wine from her.

When it’s time to get up, I get out of bed to switch on the hot water, turn up the heating and get back into bed until it’s nice and toasty. When I tried to do that this morning, the control panel wasn’t having any of it. Trying to light the hob showed that we’d run out of gas.  Not a good start to the day!

We threw some clothes on and I checked the LPG app on my phone. Fortunately, there was a petrol station selling gas in the next town, so we drove over there and filled up. Or rather, the pump attendant did, a nice blast from the past. I used my shiny new Repsol loyalty card for the first time to get a discounted rate, which should save us a few bob over the coming months. We returned to Olite to get washed and dressed, and have breakfast.

We stopped at Ochoa, and we bought a case of wine from Beatriz.

Fortunately I’d made just enough room in the garage 🙂

Beatriz kindly gave us a large tin of their olive oil as a gift, which we’re looking forward to trying. We said goodbye to her and Pablo, and will stop by again if we’re passing on our way back to France for Le Tour in July. Ironically she’ll be in London next week.

We then drove along to Ayegui. It’s on the road to Logroño in Rioja and there’s not much here apart from a monastery and vineyard on the Camino de Santiago. The monastery is an old medieval building, and looks very grand from the outside. Unfortunately that’s all we saw, as Mondays and Tuesdays are apparently rest days, so they were closed. All was not lost however, as we saw a sign:

Translation: wine fountain
What’s not to like?!
It would have been rude not to!

After a short walk along the Camino we walked into the village and had a coffee. I love going to cafes in the small villages of Spain.

It was mid afternoon when we got back to the van, so I got my bike out of the garage and went for a short ride.

It’s Valentines Day today, but we haven’t done that for years (every day’s Valentines Day for us!). I made us a paella for dinner, and tonight we’re going to watch a film . We have yet to decide what we’re doing tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for all your comments so far, we really enjoy reading them. Please keep them coming!


4 thoughts on “Ayegui”

  1. Pleased to see you celebrated Santos Valentín in style -so jealous of all that delicious vino and your mention Mike of the cafés – you just can’t get a decent cáfe con leche outside of Spain. Love reading your blog. We have booked Barcelona in May and Sevilla in October so you never know we could meet up…
    Await the next blog.

    • We go for the americano coffees. We’re in a cafe now in a small village, and an americano costs €1, served with a little muffin. They’d probably charge you £1 just for the mini muffin in Costa 🙂

  2. Finally caught up with your adventures today – where does the time go when you’re not working! Looks like you’ve covered quite a few miles already. The towns/villages look very picturesque. I loved the idea of free wine for pilgrims – do they do White Zinfandel :-). Needless to say you’re missing nothing here – although we did have some sun for about an hour this morning. Thank you for your very interesting and educational blog – hopefully I have now signed up for the daily updates. Take care, keep safe Luv Lesley x

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