Blowing a gale in Pamplona

We’re still in Pamplona, and it’s blowing a gale. It started this morning and hasn’t stopped all day.  According to the forecasts its going to carry on into tomorrow, when it’s going to rain as well. Our high-sided van has been rocking about all over the place, it’s like being on on a boat. It sounds like the weather in the UK hasn’t been much better, cold with snow and rain. But it is the middle of winter! 

Today has mostly been spent reading, having a brew, trying to surf the web and uploading the photos from yesterday’s blog (that took ages!). 

We did venture out for a walk round the local neighbourhood, and that certainly blew the cobwebs away! We happened upon a Maccy D’s, so stopped there for a Mcflurry whilst using their wifi (which was pants, but the ice cream was nice!). 

We’d intended to watch a film tonight, but when we switch the TV on, the satellite dish goes up. It’d probably pull the roof off with this wind, so we’ll have to save the film for another time. 

No photos today as (a) I haven’t taken any; and (b) if I had, they’d take forever to upload. Tomorrow we’ll move on to the town of Olite, where we’ll be meeting up with my friend Beatriz. 


5 thoughts on “Blowing a gale in Pamplona”

  1. I had a cold drizzley run for 1hr45mins yesterday after birthday celebrations. I’m hoping the weather gets better.

  2. Thats a shame about the weather. Hope it cheers up a bit. Just to let you know the bed got picked up this morning. All clear now. Have fun xxxxx

  3. Hi just caught up with your news, thought I had set your notifications on but obviously messed up some where…… sounds like you have had a good start to your travels. Keep up the blog really enjoyed reading it. Take care. X

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