El Rocío Day Two

This morning we went for a walk into El Rocío. It’s a religious town whose focal point is the Hermitage of El Rocío, which is the end point of a pilgrimage attracting around a million pilgrims a year. It’s all a bit much to try and explain it all here, so if you’d like to know more then follow the links.

The town is like a Spanish wild west – the roads are just sand, and although there are plenty of cars around the place, there were lots of horses about too. I liked the way that most buildings had wooden stands outside for tying horses up to. I’ll let the photos below describe it.

We spent the afternoon on the camp site chilling out, and tomorrow we will cross into Portugal. We’ve only been to Lisbon before, so we’re excited about the change in country. It’ll take us outside of our comfort zone as neither of us can speak any Portuguese, and we’re looking forward the change in culture and food (in particular, the freshly grilled sardines!). Another thing we’re looking forward to is an extra hour’s sleep, as Portugal’s an hour behind Spain.