Manta Rota

Yay! We’re now in Portugal. It’s been a pretty quiet day, with an uneventful drive over the border.

Over the border we go…
Spain/Portugal border

Once in Portugal we had to pull over and register for the road toll system, which uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras and charges your card. We don’t intend using the tolls, but it will be interesting if we do as the ANPR camera misread the van’s registration number!

Manta Rota is on the coast, and we were fortunate to get one of the last spaces in the aire. It’s well positioned, right next to the beach, and we can hear the waves crashing in from the van.

One of the other vans here belongs to a hairdresser who had an advert in the window, so Carol’s now had her hair done (I shaved my head yesterday so no haircut for me!).

This afternoon we went for a wander into the village, and later we strolled along the soft sandy beach in the glorious sunshine.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Faro.


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