Not much to report

It’s been a while since I last posted, but there isn’t really that much to report.

We’ve now spent a couple of weekends in the van, getting used to how everything works.  We’ve just stayed at the camp site which is attached to the storage place in Colchester, though we have been taking it out for a run down the A12 just to keep the engine battery topped up.  Today it was Carol’s first time behind the wheel, and she did really well.

Carol behind the wheel!

We’ve now had the loft boarded up, so we can start moving some of the stuff we are going to keep up there, freeing up space in the spare bedrooms.  Carol’s been doing loads of work sorting stuff out and getting rid of the things we don’t need.

In a week or two we will be putting the house on the market for rental.  We’re looking to head off on our travels mid-end January, so we’ll hopefully find some tenants in our timeframe.

According to the countdown app on my phone, I have 47 days until I ‘retire’, and that can’t come soon enough!  Allowing for the holiday I’ve got booked, plus the Christmas bank holidays, I have 27 working days left.