Motorhome Picked Up!

We picked up our new motorhome from Lowdhams in Nottingham just over a week ago.  The handover was booked for first thing on Friday morning so we took the train up there on the Thursday, kipping at the Holiday Inn in town, and then took the short train ride to Lowdhams early the next morning.

The handover took two hours, where they showed us how everything works apart from the alarm, as that wasn’t factory fitted.  They didn’t supply any gas with the vehicle, and so we had to sign up to a rather expensive agreement just to get a bottle of propane which I wasn’t chuffed about, especially when we plan to get GasLow or Alugas LPG installed, but we didn’t really have any choice.

Once we were done we made the journey to the place in Colchester where we’re going to store the motorhome ahead of our travels, stopping to fill up with diesel on the way (£70 – ouch!).  I dropped Carol off close to home so that she could pick up the car, which was packed with all the stuff for the motorhome, and drive it up to Colchester.  The contents of the car were soon unpacked into the motorhome, and then Carol cooked us a curry for dinner as we were staying for the night.  The evening was spent reading what seemed like hundreds of manuals for all of the on-board equipment and electronics, and watching a bit of TV as well.

We both had a comfortable night’s sleep in our new abode, and after breakfast the next morning we drove the motorhome over to the storage area of the site, and locked it all up.

This coming weekend will be spent in the motorhome again, and we’ll take it out for a spin as well.