We left Tuscania on Sunday morning and set off for Rome. The main road was the SR2, and it is by far the worst road we’ve driven along, a dreadful surface with potholes everywhere.

We’re staying on the Flaminio Village campsite in the suburbs of Rome. The train station is close by, and the 15 minute ride into town is a bargain at €3 return.

Yesterday and today, we became tourists rather than travellers and joined the hoardes of sightseers in and around the city. We’d visited Rome on a mini-break in 2011 and had seen a lot of the sights, so we were pleasantly surprised to find quite a few places that we didn’t see last time. Pictures below.

Tomorrow we leave Rome and head towards Pompeii, which will be our base for visiting the Roman excavations there and in Herculaneum, as well as Naples and Sorrento.


There’s an Airstream caravan on site – I think these are so cool
All the trains we saw were covered in graffiti like this
Inside the Pantheon
The iconic Colosseum
More Colosseum
Bloody tourists!
Palantine Hill
Circus Maximus, the home of Roman chariot racing back in the day
Roman ruins
Roman ruins
Roman ruins
I have a gweat fwend in Wome…
Legend has it that Rome was founded by twins Romulus and Remus, who were suckled as infants by a she-wolf
Carol at the Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Nativity cakes
Senatus Populusque Romanus – or The Roman Senate and People
The Pope’s house
Dusk falls over the Vatican
The Spanish Steps