There was no let up with the wind last night, and we really notice it in the van, it’s like being on a boat.

By morning, the wind was still blowing away. We paid €3 for the overnight parking at the aire, and set off for Salema, a small fishing village about 20 minutes along the coast. Although a short drive along a main road, the wind did blow us about a bit, so I took it nice and steady, much to the annoyance of the cars behind!

After a quick walk around the village, which didn’t take long as it’s tiny, we found a nice warm cafe overlooking the beach, sheltered from the wind, and enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee whilst watching the waves crashing in.


With not much else to do there, we continued in the van to Sagres, which is in the south west corner of Portugal. A couple of miles away lies Cabo de São Vicente, the most south westerly point of Europe, and our original plan was to walk there, along the cliff top path, but there’s no way we were going to do that when the wind is gusting at 60mph. We did go for a brief walk and were nearly blown over a couple of times, so spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the van.

Cabo de São Vicente in the distance

According to the forecast the wind should all die down overnight, so we’re going to stay parked up in the (free) car park here, and hopefully we’ll be able get over to Cabo de São Vicente tomorrow. From there, the only way is north!