From Cáceres to Porto

The Route Leaving Cáceres we took the road north towards Salamanca, and then turned west into Portugal to follow the River Douro to Porto. The route was planned using, an excellent resource where motorhomers can add stopovers and post reviews and photos of sites – a bit like TripAdvisor. The places we picked were … Read more

Santa Elena

We left the busy aire at Puerto Lápice, bound for Almagro. It was bright and sunny to start, but it soon clouded over and began to rain. As we were driving along the motorway we passed a trianglar sign warning of hail, and hey presto, the rain magically turned to hail just seconds later! Fortunately, … Read more


It felt strange to be driving the van again, but at the same time really good to be back on the road, on a beautiful sunny day. Lots of eating out in Valencia has put us a bit over budget, so we’ll mostly be eating in the van between now and when we get to Málaga. We … Read more