It felt strange to be driving the van again, but at the same time really good to be back on the road, on a beautiful sunny day.

Lots of eating out in Valencia has put us a bit over budget, so we’ll mostly be eating in the van between now and when we get to Málaga. We urgently needed a food shop, so took a turnoff for one of the larger towns in the hope of finding a supermarket. The two which we saw first didn’t have enough space to park the van, and we were just about to give up and get back on the main road when we spotted an Aldi with a decent sized car park. We bought lots of salad stuff so that we can eat healthier too (and there will also less to cook and wash up!). After lunch in the van in the Aldi car park, we were back on the motorway bound for Albarracín.

We checked in at the camp site mid-afternoon, bagged a decent pitch, and had an early dinner (salad!) before walking into the village. Albarracín is another of those beautiful Spanish villages, and I was blown away by how beautiful it is – see for yourself below.

Today is the last time we’ll have electric hook up for a while, and we haven’t yet sorted the USB charging problem on the van, so the next few posts won’t have as many photos. Our destination tomorrow is Cuenca, and in the absence of any motorways we’ll be taking the scenic route to get there.



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  1. Looks great!
    As they [might say] you can take a couple away from ALDI but you can never take ALDI away from a couple….[or something like that..]

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