Valencia – Final Day

Yesterday was our final day in Valencia. We spent the morning in the van, getting things ready for moving on today.

The camp site was full, with 200 vans, but there are only six showers so it was a bit of a bun fight getting a shower. We were up early (before 8) and so I didn’t have to queue, but there was no hot water and I had to go back mid-morning. Carol was a lot braver than me and had a cold shower (or so she says!).

We took the metro into town after lunch and, as expected, the place was pretty packed. What helped though is that there were no parades going on, so there was more space to move about.

Our first port of call was the Placa de la Virgen, to see the completed model of Mary with the dress made from flowers, which was very impressive.

Carol in front of the Virgin Mary
Panoramic view

We spent the rest of our time there wandering around, stopping for a drink along the way. The local kids were doing their best to use up all of their firecrackers, it was very noisy wherever we went.

Firecracker shop

By late afternoon we decided to head back to the van, and I cooked up another seafood paella for dinner.

Last night was La Crema, and which we watched the bar. The climax to the evening – the burning of the falla in the Plaça de l’Ajuntament – should have taken place at midnight, but it didn’t happen until well after 1AM.

Today we’ve driven up to Albarracín, which I’ll cover in another post. We really enjoyed our time in Valencia, but are glad to be back on the road again. We wouldn’t have spent so long in Valencia if it hadn’t been for Las Fallas, but we’re glad that we saw the town as it normally is, before the madness that is Las Fallas kicked in. If you haven’t been to Valencia before, then I can thoroughly recommend it as a great place to visit for a city break.


2 thoughts on “Valencia – Final Day”

  1. Glad you had a good time in Valencia. I enjoyed seeing the photos. I liked the Donald Trump ones. They made me chuckle. Enjoy your next adventure.

  2. I have to disagree with Lynn.
    Carol does not look a bit like Donald Trump.
    Great photos of what looks like a great time!

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