The final pieces of the jigsaw

I finally finished work on 30th December so I’m now free to go off travelling 🙂

Leaving the office for the last time – a great feeling!

We’re now a week into 2017.  All we need to do now is get a new gas system installed on the van (booked in for 18th January), and find a tenant for our house.

The gas system we have currently comprises two 7KG propane Calor gas cylinders, which would be fine for touring the UK.  Unfortunately these aren’t compatible with the gas cylinders in Europe – for example the connectors on the French and Spanish gas cylinders are both different, and this would be a  big hassle when travelling between different countries.  We will therefore be getting a refillable system installed (2 x 11KG cylinders) so that we can refill the tanks with LPG directly from the pump at petrol stations across Europe.  We need to get the system fitted by a Knaus-approved workshop so an not to invalidate the water ingress warranty on the van, so we shall be driving down to Portsmouth.  It’s not cheap to have this done, but it will definitely pay for itself over the next couple of years, whilst saving a huge amount of faffing about.

Our house went onto the rental market before Christmas, but the only interest we’ve had so far is two appointments which were later cancelled.  We didn’t seriously expect much interest in the run up to Christmas, but now we’re into the New Year we’re hoping to find a tenant soon.  As soon as contracts are signed, we can get our furniture moved into storage, then we’ll be off!