The countdown begins

The new gas system has at last been installed.  Here are the before and after pics.  The new (yellow) tanks hold loads more gas and can be filled with LPG from outside the van, just like you would fill your car up with petrol at the petrol station.

Whilst the drive down to Portsmouth was enjoyable, the the M25 was super busy on the way back, so the drive home wasn’t much fun at all.

We have now set a date to head off on our travels, so the countdown begins.  The plan is that the removal company will come along on Saturday 4th February to take away our furniture and put it into storage.  We will then drive up to Colchester and spend a final evening in the van at the storage place.  On the Sunday we will sell the car (to the people who buy any car dot com) and then drive down to Canterbury.  We’ll park up for the evening at the park and ride, which has 20 motorhome pitches and service points (well done Canterbury City Council!), and on the Monday we will take the Eurotunnel and head for Arras or somewhere thereabouts.  Very exciting!  We still have lots of logistical stuff to sort out, and we’ll also be meeting up with family and friends to say our goodbyes, so we have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us which I’m sure will fly by.

We haven’t yet found a tenant for our house, so our letting agents will be managing this for us if we haven’t found one by the time we depart.  It’s a bit of a risk, going away without a tenant in place, but it’s probably cost-neutral as when we head off we won’t be using gas, electricity etc.