Villafranca de Córdoba

Tonight we’ll be staying on a camp site for the last time until we get to Málaga next Friday, giving us a last opportunity to do the laundry, and charge up all of our power-hungry gadgets. I’ve finally had confirmation from the dealers who sold our van originally that the USB sockets are covered under the warranty, so I’ll now be contacting Knaus to arrange getting this fixed by one of their local dealers when we visit Sevilla.

We didn’t want to arrive at the camp site too early, so we stopped off en-route at a town called Bailén to have a coffee and a look round the shops.

Ayuntamiento building in Bailén

The laundry’s now drying off on the line in the sunshine, and we’re chilling out in preparation for walking mile after mile in Córdoba tomorrow. We’re about half an hour’s drive away, so will be getting there mid-morning to bag a spot on the aire near the city centre, where we hope to stay for two nights.


4 thoughts on “Villafranca de Córdoba”

  1. How are you finding the roads are they generally good? I recall Belgium roads aren’t great (especially for motorbikes) when compared to France.

    • Hi Jon, good to hear from you!

      The roads are pretty good on the whole. Some stretches could do with resurfacing, same as anywhere else. We’re hearing that the non-toll roads in Portugal are in a bad state of repair, and we’ll find out for ourselves in a few weeks!

  2. Speaking of Portugal roads, we’ll be at our place in Vilamoura 10th to 20th April, if you’re nearby it would be good to catch up xx

    • Hi Kerry, lovely to hear from you! We could well be in the area around that time, so we’ll let you know. It would be great to see you again after something like 25 years!


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