We have a motorhome!

A lot has happened since the last update.  We spent a week away touring Norfolk in a rented motorhome (Sunlight T68) – more on that here – and the day after we got back we drove up to Nottingham with the intention of buying a brand new Sunlight T69, but came away with a (slightly) used Knaus Sky TI 700 MEG.  It was the first van we saw in the yard, and we both fell in love with it straight away.  When I looked in the cab and saw it was an automatic, I knew it was the one for us.  It’s six months old with 2,500 miles on the clock, and the spec is excellent.  We pick it up in a couple of weeks.

Meet our new motorhome!

In the meantime, the insurance has been organised, and we have space on a storage site to keep the van until we head off in January, as it’s just a little bit too big to fit on our driveway!  The storage places nearest to us are all full, so this one is about 40 minutes drive away in Colchester which isn’t ideal, but it’s a secure site and it will only be for a while. I will be handing my notice in at work next week, and it’s all getting very real now!

We will be busy over the next month or so doing a bit of decorating and DIY, getting the house ready for renting out. We will also try and squeeze in a couple of weekends away in the next couple of months.