Getting closer

Things have been moving on slowly since my last update.

We had been planning to import our own motorhome from Germany, but since the Brexit vote sterling has fallen significantly against the Euro, making an imported vehicle a lot more expensive.  In addition, the 2016 models I’d been tracking have mostly now sold and the 2017 ones are quite a bit more expensive.  This all means that we’d be better off buying our motorhome in the UK, albeit a RHD one. Unfortunately, the Sunlight T68 model we are after is no longer available in the UK, though there’s a very similar one – a T67 – for sale at a dealers in Southampton (the main difference being that the T67 has an all-in-one bathroom rather than a separate toilet and shower).  We will be trying out a T68 in a couple of weeks to make sure this is the layout for us, and fingers crossed that the T67 is still up for sale when we get back.

Buying a motorhome in the UK rather than importing also makes the insurance that much simpler as well.  I’d phoned for quotes for an imported model, and the reality is that the insurance would be third party only until such time as it had become UK registered, which I wouldn’t have been happy about.

Carol’s been keeping herself busy downsizing us, making great progress.  We got the last of the stuff down from the loft yesterday – it seemed never ending, but it’s done now.  More stuff to get rid of or shred!

Work’s been same-old same-old.  I’ve been given another project which the client wants live by year end, but I don’t think that’s going to be achievable, and I’m secretly hoping that the live date will be in the new year.  According to the countdown app on my phone, I have 31 days until I resign (30th September) and then the countdown will really begin!