Work/Life Balance?

I’ve spent the past few weeks at work managing a project which went live successfully over the past weekend.  It’s been a long hard slog, working with a difficult client and their service provider, and this has meant lots of stress and working long hours.  I haven’t really been able to do any planning for our adventures, and even thinking about our escape plan didn’t help ease the stress.  I think I’ve just had enough of all this mullarkey.  Thankfully the project’s now done and I should now be able to take my foot off the gas a bit, start chilling out again and resume planning our great escape.  I’m being given another project now, which will be going live in April.  It’s a shame I won’t be there to manage it after December!

Later this week I shall ring up for an insurance quote just to get an idea as to how much it will cost to insure the motorhome we are looking at (a Sunlight T68).  I’ve been keeping an eye on the site, and there aren’t any up for sale which fully meet the spec we’re after… lots of automatic ones but they all have the additional drop-down bed which we don’t need, and which also weighs in at more than 50kg. Hopefully an automatic without the hubbett will come up for sale in September.

We’ve booked up campsites for our holiday in September, when we’ll be renting out a motorhome for a week, so we’re looking forward to a fun week in Norfolk, and our first real taste of our moho dream!