We’ve headed inland a bit, and are now on a lovely site in the middle of nowhere, about 10km from the nearest town Albufeira. It’s a small place and has a new age – hippy feel to it. The owners are really friendly and laid back, and just want everyone to have a great time. They organise social activities and run an honesty bar, and a barbecue has been lined up for Sunday. 

I have managed to book myself in with a chiropractor a bit further along the coast for Tuesday, so we think we’ll stay here until then. Carol’s done two loads of laundry, we’ve spent time reading, and I went out for an hour or so on my bike. We’re going to spend the next few days just chilling out. If I hadn’t quit my job, one of the projects I was managing would have been going live today, Good Friday, and I’d have been working my nuts off. That all seems a million miles away right now. 


2 thoughts on “Albufeira”

  1. If you get time, try the Snoopy bar on the seafront in the old town, just along from O Ruina. Used to have a brilliant live covers band most nights, Grooveline, I think they were called. The walls used to be decorated in post-it note sketches of Snoopy done by the punters. Admittedly that was 10 years ago-ish

    • Hi Stu, thanks for the tips. We didn’t go to the seafront in Albufeira, and we’ve been eating in the van of late to try and keep the cost down. Cheers Mike

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