The drive to Alquézar took about three hours. In the UK I’d have stopped half way for a coffee and a rest after a couple of hours, but here is Spain the driving is so much easier. We haven’t seen a traffic jam yet, let alone sit in one, the roads are so quiet. The scenery is really good too, which I think helps. Sometimes it’s very similar to driving through the Arizona desert, all rock and sand (minus the cacti), or we have driven past vineyards and olive groves. Today’s roads were much better than yesterday’s, where we had mile after mile of potholes and poor road surfaces.

The site we are staying on is lovely. It’s up in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, so it’s nice and quiet. As soon as we parked up, Carol got started on the laundry, and as it was so warm the rotary drier came out, saving us a few €€€ on tokens for the tumble drier. The electric hook up was plugged in and all our gadgets are now fully charged. The van’s had a clean inside too. The outside needs a good wash, but I really need ladders or one of those long-handled brushes. There was an old guy in a nearby chalet this afternoon who was singing and playing flamenco on his guitar, it was fab.

We also had some good news this afternoon, as our letting agent called to confirm that they have now found tenants, who will be moving into our house on Saturday. We’ve been told that they’re a lovely family, and we hope that they’re going to be very happy living there.

This evening we went for a walk to the nearby town. It was a more of a steep climb than a walk, up the hillside and past the blossoming almond trees which looked beautiful in the falling light. When we finally reached the top, it was a magical sight, like a scene from the bible with seemingly hundreds of stone houses built into the hillside. We didn’t stop for long as night was falling and we had to walk back to the camp site in the dark, but we’ve decided that we’ll go back tomorrow and explore the town properly. These photos really don’t do it justice, but they should give you a flavour…

Alquézar church
Alquézar castle


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  1. Hi
    Congratulations on the letting – a real weight off your minds.
    It’s good to hear that the driving is relatively relaxing, particularly as you are doing so much of it.
    I am now semi-mobile and normal life is gradually being restored!
    Great photos again.

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