We’re parked up on a another free aire, this one is about 100km from Barcelona. Like most of the free aires, it’s very basic, just a glorified car park with water and waste disposal facilities, but that’s all we need.

We spent the morning in Alquézar, walking around the town. It was practically deserted, just one coach load of OAPs on a day out. Once we were done, we had lunch in the van and then drove 150km here. Tonight we’ll go for a wander into the local town, and we’ll be making an early start tomorrow so that we get to the camp site for about midday.

The site we’re booked into is about 45 minutes train ride into BCN, with trains running past midnight so we’ll be able to enjoy our evenings out without having to worry about getting back to the van. We’re getting excited now as we both love it in BCN and we haven’t been for a while.

Some photos of Alquézar below.


Alquézar panorama
Alquézar rooftops
Alquézar from the castle

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