Barcelona Day One

It took just over an hour to drive to the site in Sitges, on the outskirts of Barcelona (aka BCN), and it poured down the whole way. I just took it easy, cruising down the motorway at 50mph, in no rush at all. Having stopped off at a petrol station to fill up with LPG, we arrived at the site just after midday. We hooked ourselves up to the electricity and had a quick tortilla española for lunch, then took the bus into BCN (apparently quicker than getting the bus into Sitges then getting the train). Eight euros and an hour later, and we were in the Plaça de Catalunya.

First port of call was fnac, one of my favourite Spanish stores. It sells books, CDs, DVDs and electronic goods, and we bought a much needed atlas of Spain and Portugal, a Spanish/English dictionary (it’s a pain having to use the one on my phone) and a USB power pack. We then went for a wander down La Rambla to La Boqueria, surely one of the best food markets ever, to admire the displays of meat, fish and fruit and veg. I had my first jamón iberico of our travels and it was lush! I shall certainly be having plenty more as we work our way through Spain.

From La Boqueria we walked through the Barrio Gótico, stopping for a cheeky beer along the way, and headed back to Plaça de Catalunya. Not much seems to have changed since we were last in BCN, so we decided to have an early dinner and head back to the van. The restaurant we went to was Taller de Tapas, a chain of about seven or eight restaurants in BCN. We’ve been before, and the food’s always been good. Tonight’s dinner was gorgeous, and we both left feeling rather full!

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting up early and spending a full day being guiris (what the Spanish call us tourists!) and in the evening we’ll be going to our favourite BCN restaurant, the Ciuidad Condal, where the food is amazing.


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  1. Hi Carol and Mike, really enjoying your blog you seem to be having a great time. Enjoy your stay in BCN. Look forward to reading more.

  2. Loving the blog and if I’m honest, a bit jealous of the fab places you’re visiting!! Cannot wait to meet up in a few weeks in Malaga & looking forward to what you have planned for us!!! xx

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